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Logophilia: The love of words.

I realize that only the largest of all geeks have favorite words, and I'm proud to admit that I have several.

Defenestrate - To throw somebody or something out of a window. (I think the TV show Dark Angel introduced me to this word, and I just love it. It's a great word, but it doesn't resemble its definition at all, IMO.)
Illumination - Enlightenment; decoration on a page. (I owe my appreciation of this word to the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.)
Flibbertigibbet - A flighty person. (A versatile word, used in many places like Shakespeare's King Lear, The Sound of Music, and Joe Verses the Volcano. :D)
Crepuscular - Active in low light; of or like twilight. (Thank you, Bill Engvall, for introducing me to this word. I like it because it is so odd. It sounds like it should have something to do with anatomy; when you look at the actual meaning, it seems too harsh to mean that.)
Sesquipedalian - a word with many letters or syllables. (Hellooooo irony.)
Apothecary - Pharmacy; pharmacist. (I dunno why I like this, I just do.)
Coccyx - The human tailbone. (Yes, I like it because it sounds dirty. LOL I once broke mine and had much fun explaining the little pillow. Me: "I broke my coccyx." Other person: "Your WHAT?")
Uvula - Flap in the throat. (Yup, that hangy-downy thing in the back of your throat, it's your uvula. Sounds dirty also, but you'll impress your doctor if you ever use the word during a checkup!)
Chicken - A kind of fowl, Gallus domesticus. (You read it right, chicken. In the car the other day, while on hold with seftiri I started listing out loud the things I needed to buy at my destination, the grocery store. Chicken was the main item and the more I said it, the more I liked it. ChickenChickenChickenChickenChicken)
Banana - Long curved yellow fruit. (Again, I just like to say it.)
Queue - Line; list of data. (It is apparently the longest word that is pronounced the same as the first letter. Fascinating.)
Sequoia - Large tree that grows in California, Sequoia sempervirens, Sequoiadendron giganteum. (It uses every vowel just once! And a 'q'! How great is that? Scrabble gold!)
Facetious - Intended to be funny. (Another panvowel* [word that uses every vowel just once]. But it uses them in alphabetical order! Awesome!)
Vestibule - Enclosed area. (I blame Chandler on Friends for my liking of this word.)
Shibboleth - Identifying word or custom; common saying or belief; catchword or slogan. (I learned this word from an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.)
Bookkeeper - Individual who keeps track of money transactions. (I like it because it has three consecutive letter pairs, 'oo' 'kk' 'ee'.)

Note: I like the WORDS, not necessarily the concept. There's a difference. The words don't have to be particularly cerebral in definition, either.
Also: If the word has more than one definition, I've shown the one(s) I like the best.

*I'm not positive of this term. I can't find the term elsewhere, nor can I find a different term to fit the definition.

Got any favorite words to share?

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