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Gramatica: Goddess of Grammar

Waging war on bad grammar everywhere.

30 September
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This journal is here so I can GET MY WORDS OUT. It will be for the rantings of my inner grammar nazi, a place to post grammar & punctuation tips and tricks into the void, and just where I put anything I have that is grammar/english/language related.

My inner grammar nazi will rant about grammar slip-ups it encounters in real life while at work or play, online either on LJ or the rest of the world wide web, and even seen on TV, in movies, or in books. Real life mocking will probably include all the details I know about the offender. With LJ I'll mock icons I see with misspellings or grammar errors, fanfic excerpts with serious issues, or even just regular LJ posts with issues. Maybe I'll link to the source of the offending item, maybe I won't. Same with websites or non-LJ blogs; I'll mock, but linking is at my discretion. I WON'T tell you what the offending book is if I ever mock something in one, but you'll get all the juicy details when I mock television programs or commercials and movies.

I'll post those grammar tips and tricks into the void when I come up with new ones, and random things I am asked or wonder. For example, the other day I was asked whether 'sympathetic' or 'empathetic' was proper in a certain situation. That would have prompted me to do a bit more research and find an easy way to remember how to use the words best, and then I'd post my solution.

As for the "anything grammar related," you might see images of and links to t-shirts I find that are grammar related, such as the ones pictured below; links to websites I find that are useful; funny grammar icons I make or find, etc.

TAGS & MEMORIES: I tag based on the subject matter and its difficulty; basic, intermediate, and advanced. I use the memories to keep track of LJ posts outside of this journal that I like.

BETA: I offer beta services from time to time if it's an original story or if you write in a fandom I'm familiar with (preferred, but not required): Law & Order: CI, Law & Order: SVU, Veronica Mars, CSI: Las Vegas, Supernatural, Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: Voy, Xena... I'm sure there are more, just ask and I'll tell you if I can beta. I won't beta incest or rape fic, boy slash, 'ship fic involving characters under 18, or song fic. Feel free to contact me with questions or if you've got something you'd like me to beta.

CONTACT: If you'd like to ask me a question or just contact me some how, please comment to this post or PM me.

OTHER: Feel free to friend this journal. All posts will be public, so never fear if I don't friend you back for a while, if at all, because I may not notice that you've friended me. Also, I will only do LJ cuts if I post multiple or large images, which I don't foresee much of. Please don't ask me to cut my posts. If they are too long for you, nobody's forcing you to keep me on your friends list. I work hard on what I post, so I'm not hiding any of it.

I now usually use Encarta Dictionary over any other dictionary site because it's the best free online dictionary. Just FYI.

Helpful links in the fight for better grammar:
Encarta Dictionary
Online Etymology Dictionary
Acronym Finder (Acronyms & Abbreviations)
Road to Grammar
Common Errors in English

Helpful books in the fight for better grammar:
The Deluxe Transitive Vampire
The New Well-Tempered Sentence
Dictionary of Word Origins
Dictionary of Disagreeable English

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