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Look before you publish.

Here's a good idea: Read over what you write to be sure it makes sense before you print it and send it to millions of people. Maybe have somebody else read it too.

The company I'm currently working for is in the process of closing, and recently had the mail forwarded. After submitting the info to the USPS we received a form letter of sorts. Here is the entire letter:
The purpose of this letter is to confirm that this request to forward mail is correct.

If this Change-Of-Address Order is for someone who has already moved from this address, no action is needed.

If the information above is correct, no action is needed.

If anything is incorrect with the Change-Of-Address order shown above, or if you did not ask the Postal Service to forward your mail, please call 1-800-ASK-USPS.

It is important that we work together to ensure proper mail delivery. The United States Postal Service values you as a customer, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Si Ud. no habla ingles o no comprende esta carta, favor de llevar esta carta a su oficina local de correo para ayuda.

(If you do not speak English or you do not understand this letter, please take it with you to your local post office for assistance.)
If you're curious, that last line is a translation of the Spanish. Which is unnecessary, because really, if you do not (technically) understand the letter, how would you know whether or not to take it with you to the post office, or even know to go to the post office AT ALL?! If you can read English, what's hard to understand about that letter? And if you can't read English or Spanish, what good does that translation/warning do? This illustrates the importance of betas and editors. They don't know what you meant, only what you said!

I laughed my ass off for several minutes after reading that letter, and even showed the letter to my dad (my boss) and he thought it was amusing too, so I thought I'd share the funny.

Stupid people should have to wear signs.

I'm going to end this with a related and amusing image.

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